Diversity and Inclusion in the Fisheries Profession: Leadership and Action

The low diversity of gender and race or ethnicity in the fisheries profession stands in stark contrast to our efforts to maintain species biodiversity as a foundation of sustainable fisheries management programs and resilient ecosystems. The inaugural 2017 AFS symposium on Diversity and Inclusion focused on providing an opportunity for fisheries professionals to identify and discuss what might be done to improve the climate and conditions for the successful inclusion of diverse scientists in the fisheries profession. The symposium consisted of fifteen fisheries professionals across the academic, federal, state, tribal, and NGO community sharing their perspective on the current state of diversity and inclusion initiatives and next steps. We recognize that leadership across disciplines and organizations is needed to turn ideas and strategies into action. The 2018 symposium will invite speakers to set the context for an audience based, interactive and in-depth discussion that will generate actionable items for improving diversity and inclusion in our profession.
Chairs: April Croxton and Shivonne Nesbit
Organizers: Doug Mecum, Kaja Brix, Melanie Okoro, Shivonne Nesbit, and April Croxton

Special Diversity Issue of Fisheries Magazine

The American Fisheries Society will be publishing a forthcoming special issue of Fisheries magazine dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Your voice is important! Please contribute a short vignette (max 150 words, or an image) of your perspective on or your experience with “diversity and inclusion.” We want to represent as many voices as possible, in your own words, captured as vignettes throughout the special issue.

Contributions can be submitted to a box at the registration desk and throughout the AFS meeting venue. A dedicated poster and drop off location will be available in the Poster Session. If you can’t make it to Atlantic City, please use the form below. Thank you for sharing.

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