Fishing in Atlantic City offers a chance to catch big fun

Whether you prefer to fish from shore or charter a boat for some deep-sea angling action, Atlantic City promises all the excitement you can catch.

Main species include bluefish, blackfish, drum, striped bass, tuna, cod, flounder and even shark. If you plan to fish from shore, most of the beaches are off-limits to fishermen during bath hours (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.). Some exceptions include the jetties located on Maine Avenue or the inlet off the Boardwalk.

Special AFS Annual Meeting Fishing Trip

The Boat – a brand new boat called the Top Knot.  This is a 70′ boat that can handle 55 anglers.  The boat is out of Ocean City, NJ,  which is a short trip from the AC hotels.

Date and Time – The trip will be from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday, August 24.

Fishing – We’ll be heading off-shore to fish reefs so you local biologists can help us with the species mix.

Cost and reservations – AFS has bought out the entire boat so that we can enjoy this as our own group.  We will also subsidize half or more of the costs thus we are asking each person to pay $30 for the trip.  If you would like to go on this trip please RSVP to Steve Kambouris ( or 301-897-8616 ext 206).  You can then send a check to the AFS office for $30 made out to AFS with AC fishing trip in the note line on the check.

There are plenty of other Atlantic City fishing charters willing to take you out for a day of fishing fun.

Miss Atlantic City

Twrecks AC Charters

Or, you can use to choose from a range of captains and fishing options.[su_spacer]
For those who want to head out to sea without any prior arrangements, Atlantic City’s “party boats” will take anyone who shows up and pays the fare. The difference is that Atlantic City fishing charters allow you to plan the timing, are less crowded and you can choose what you want to fish for. Party boats fish on their own pre-determined schedules and will often carry 50-60 passengers.

Highroller Fishing

Whatever your style of fishing, in Atlantic City you’ll come home with dinner and a story — and it won’t be about the one that got away.